17 September 2014

For a considerable amount of time now I’ve wanted to get my blog up and running, a place to put my thoughts and experiences with various technologies. In fact, over the last few months there have been moments (more often that not) in which I have said to myself, “I need to write some this stuff down and give it to the internet”. These moments generally occurred when I’d finally figured out something that either wasn’t documented or took the piecing together of many different articales and posts. I really feel that some of these engineering challenges I’ve come across will help other aspiring developers trying to make their way to Yodism (becoming Yoda, which I myself am attempting to achieve).

Although I do love frontend development and really do want to present a site that’s radiates a unique design, this can come later. Right now, having somewhere to put my thoughts and get them on the internet is far more important than internet vanity. I’m sure this site will change in design over time but for now it’s hosted on my GitHub Pages and served with Jekyll Bootstrap, nifty! :)

To give you a bit of background though, I’m Jordan! I’ve been leading the search analytics platform at Branded3 in the UK for the last several months. I started out as a PHP developer back when I was 14, after joining Branded3 at 17, I took on some larger projects which drove my path C# (which I love). I love Linux though and it’s part of my core stack. Together with Mono / Go and MongoDB but to name but a few technologies I use day-to-day, the team I work with come across engineering challenges that are really really exciting. These are their stories… (Law and Order, if you didn’t get it…)

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